Snow Spring Time

Snow in Knowle, Solihull, March, 2023

The snow came in March and for many it was wonderful to see. The snow fell midweek and the majority of schools stayed open. Not much time to get the slides out for some toboganning. The snow was great for taking photographs. In the evening rush hour through the village, I found that my iPhone enabled me to get some atmospheric pictures. Headlamps and snow flurries against the old buildings is a good mix for composition.

Early evening snowfall in the Village.

In the morning, the scenery was bright and white. More snow had fallen overnight and I went out again with my camera. The trick with snow pictures is to crank up the exposure compensation so as to counteract the camera wanting to underexpose. On the iPhone the Camera+ app allows you to adjust the exposure setting. Several of the pictures in the Nature area of the park worked really well.

Snow in Knowle, Solihull, March, 2023
The park with a blanket of snow.
Snow in Knowle, Solihull, March, 2023
Knowle park in the Snow.
Snow in Knowle, Solihull, March, 2023
Christmas card scenes in the village.

I also took some pictures of the High Street. We have a red letter box and telephone kiosk. The colours set against the white snow work really well. I was also very lucky that several villagers decided to wear red that morning. The colour co-ordination made for some very good pictures that proved very popular on my social media feed.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and now let us hope that spring returns in the following weeks.

Snow in Knowle, Solihull, March, 2023
A lone tree covered in snow.

Here are some pictures from 2017. Looking back, I should have done some better adjusting of the exposure settings but even so they show the village show bound

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