Silicon Spa Street sights, Leamington Spa, May 2024.

Street sights in Silicon Spa

Damien WalmsleyMay 19, 20243 min read
Leamington Spa has streets of white tall elegant buildings. All are fine examples of Regency architecture. Away from the Regency style avenues, buildings in the old town have become canvases for stunning street art several courtesy of the Brink Leamington Mural festival. The train station is a good starting point for exploring the streets of … Continue reading Blog
Aurora borealis in my garden, May 2024

Aurora Borealis as seen from my back garden

Damien WalmsleyMay 11, 20243 min read
So I have been to Iceland but did not see the Aurora Borealis as it was too cloudy.  I did fly from Portland, Oregon to Reykjavík and saw the lights somewhere over the Northern Territories and Greenland.  My next Aurora Borealis experience was a recreated one in Birmingham City Centre.  This event was really cool even though it … Continue reading Blog
Woodland Photography, Hagley Park, Worcestershire, 2024

Photographing the wood from the trees at Hagley Park

Damien WalmsleyApr 26, 20246 min read
Woodland photography is one of my interests as there are several woods near to me that I love wandering around taking photographs with my camera.  The skills that are involved with taking such pictures, I have learnt by trial and error.  However, my technique is rather low key and much of what I do is point the … Continue reading Blog
Bluebells, Hay Wood, Near Baddesley Clinton, April 2024

Blue heaven with the bluebells of Hay Wood

Damien WalmsleyApr 20, 20242 min read
The bluebell season is here and is earlier than normal.  Usually the flowers are in full bloom around the May Bank holiday weekend.  This year their arrival appears to be 1 to 2 weeks early.  A blue carpet of bluebells is always stunning especially when set against the backdrop of the woodland.  This year I went to Hay Wood … Continue reading Blog
Dublin City, April 2024

Imaging Dublin with my camera

Damien WalmsleyApr 17, 20243 min read
There is always new sights in Dublin even though I have been away for 6 years. The opportunity arose as a conference was held in Dublin and I jumped at the chance to attend. Lisa, my PhD student was presenting and as it happens I gave a presentation on behalf of a colleague who could … Continue reading Blog
Berkswell Windmill Open Day, Ballsall Common, April, 2024

Berkswell windmill keeps the sails turning.

Damien WalmsleyApr 5, 20243 min read
If you love windmills then visiting Berkswell Windmill should be high on your list.  The Grade II listed working windmill is open during the summer and a watch on their Facebook page keeps you notified on the opening times.  Generally it is open every month from Easter Monday till the end of October.  I saw the Facebook notice … Continue reading Blog
IgersbirminghamUK, Selly Manor, Bournville Village Trust. March 2024

Visiting Bournville Village Trust with IgersbirminghamUK

Damien WalmsleyApr 4, 20244 min read
Birmingham has a long and rich history and the names of George and Richard Cadbury are linked with the story of the City  Their success in creating Cadbury’s Chocolate led to the building of their factory in Bournville.  The brothers created a Garden Village around the factory to cater for their employees.  Sadly Richard died before seeing the … Continue reading Blog
Walking the streets of Shoreditch, London, March 2024

London times – taking in the streets of Islington and Shoreditch

Damien WalmsleyApr 3, 20242 min read
London is an ideal place for urban photography as it offers so many different places that offer variety.  There are several large-scale cityscape vistas which sit with the smaller scale scenes taking in street art and street photography.  The start of my recent photo walk with colleague Peter Thompson was the Angel, Islington and from here we … Continue reading Blog
Horizon22, Bishopsgate. London, March 2024

London Times – The London Horizon from Horizon22

Damien WalmsleyMar 28, 20244 min read
I have been up the Shard and visited the Monument.  Both buildings have their charm and give unparalleled views of the London skyline.  I have seen Westminster and beyond from the London Eye where your excitement builds as the wheel slowly turns.  Eeventually when you reach the pinnacle of the journey, you have a super view of the … Continue reading Blog