Let it snow

It snowed.  Also it was very considerate that it snowed on a Sunday morning as well.  It was a heavy downpour and I donned many layers before I set off for a journey through Knowle Village.  There were many people in the park and activities ranged from sledging to snowball fights.  There were very few cars around and several had been left on the side of the roads.  Even with my polariser lens filter, snow is very difficult to photograph.  My favourite picture was of the red letterbox and mailbox.  They have been in Knowle High Street for a very long time and were there when I arrived.  Hope you like the pictures and it is starting to look a lot like Christmas now.

Outdoor play
Tree shapes
More Trees
The Snow turns to Slush
Knowle Church
Red boxes
Detail in the snow
Snowy hedge
Cracks in the Pond
Spot the man in yellow
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3 years ago

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