A heron with a startled look

A conversation with a Heron

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On my travels, I met a heron. It was on the tow path by the Black Boy marina. I put my bag down and I heard a noise. I looked around and I found a heron looking at me. He was only 2 metres away and did not seem to be particularly worried about me. […]

Tractors lined up for a meeting

Tractor, Tractor, my kingdom for a tractor!

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Tractors. Lots of tractors! Whilst we were visiting Burton Dassett Hills, over a dozen tractors appeared and parked on the side of Magpie Hill. It appeared to be a tractor rally and although I do not know my tractors, they looked a formidable set of beasts. The owners got out and stood around chatting. I […]

The afternoon winter sun shinning through the wood

Walking in the hills and discovering Fox Covert

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Another visit to Burton Dassett during December gave me the chance to explore new parts of the park and rediscover new views of familiar landmarks. I was here with my grandchildren and they were very adventurous climbing both Windmill and Magpie Hills. I went up the steeper incline of Harts Hill to get beautiful panoramic […]

Christmas Tree - Great Western Arcade - Birmingham

O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy lights!

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There are many lovely Christmas trees around Birmingham this year. They are more prominent as they are not competing with other decorations or events where there are crowds of people such as the German Market. However, they do look lonely as the numbers of people in the City centre are down and the Christmas trees […]

Umberslade Park Treeline

The photographic delights of Umberslade Park

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The days before Christmas are a time of waiting and getting ready. It is a strange time this year and the weather is not helping the mood much either. Whilst the rain has left the ground waterlogged, it has led to some lovely puddles lying around. These provide excellent reflections when I am out and […]