RBSA exhibition 2023

Alder Lake, Washington State, November 2022

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) organise a Photographic competition every 2 years. This is a very prestigious photographic exhibition, and the judging is very competitive.  Two years ago one of my Lockdown photographs was selected and I was very pleased to have been selected.  This year my picture of Alder Lake in Washington State, USA was selected.  The picture was also given a good “hang” meaning it was in the centre of the room and therefore more accessible for viewing.  Although I did not make the final prize selection, just being selected means a great deal.  I am only now, at a late stage in my life, making the most of my photography and I am enjoying every moment.  There were several other photographers and friends that I knew at the private view in the gallery which made the evening more enjoyable as well.

A selfie in front of my picture

You can learn more about the work of the RBSA on their website.

More pictures from my time in Washington State that include the picture are included in a previous blog entry.

Looking back, my last entry in the RBSA competition was ‘Mystery in the Fog’. The photograph was one of several photographs that did well in 2021.

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