Imaging Dublin with my camera

Dublin City, April 2024

There is always new sights in Dublin even though I have been away for 6 years. The opportunity arose as a conference was held in Dublin and I jumped at the chance to attend. Lisa, my PhD student was presenting and as it happens I gave a presentation on behalf of a colleague who could not make it to the conference. Our conference hotel was in the Liberties and I had not explored this area of Dublin so much in my past visits. I was staying at the Aloft hotel which had some good views over the city from the 7th floor bar.

Dublin City, April 2024
Francis Street in the Liberties
Dublin City, April 2024
Shopping for the Clash back in 1977
Dublin City, April 2024
Whiskey testing at the Dublin Liberties Distillery.

The weather was a mix of sunshine and showers which seems to be the story of our weather for the last 18 months. Dublin City is great for street photography especially around the Temple Bar area. There are so many people taking selfies of each other that no-one seems to care about one more camera on the streets. I also took in Trinity College, Dublin Castle and a few other sites. Trinity was holding a concert and so many of the picturesque views were not possible. Also they have erected a large red box which is called the Book of Kells experience. They are remodelling the old library and how the Book of Kells is viewed, however the red box is an eyesore.

Dublin City, April 2024
Dublin tram meets Dublin bus.
Dublin City, April 2024
“Sphere within a Sphere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro must be one of the most photographed items in Dublin.
Dublin City, April 2024
Not so sure about the outside experience.
Dublin City, April 2024
Colours of the Olympia Cinema.

Whilst in the Temple Bar area, I discovered Love Lane and this hidden gem had lots to photograph. The tiles and messages were great to see and read. The artwork was conceived and installed by Anna Doran. I loved reading all the messages on the tiles and there were even lyrics from one of my favourite bands, Thin Lizzy. I looked up the lyrics to Dublin written by Phil Lynott. The last verse is quite poignant especially as Derby Square was an alleyway off Werburgh Street near to where I stayed.

And at sea with flowing hair
I’d think of Dublin
Of Grafton Street and Derby Square
And those for whom I really care and you

Dublin City, April 2024
Love Lane tiles
Dublin City, April 2024
Admiring the tiles and messages
Dublin City, April 2024
Crampton Court

Dublin City, April 2024
Reflections from Sweeny’s Pharmacy.

This was also a bittersweet photo experience as this is my last time using the FujiFilm x100v. The camera has been by my side for the last 4 years and I am now moving on to its successor. The camera has served me well as many of the pictures in this post testify.

Dublin City, April 2024
View of a Dublin morning from the Aloft Hotel.

I have pictures from my 2018 visit for you to see and compare. Following this there is a link to the Dublin Liberties Distillery.

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