Pictures at an exhibition celebrating the beauty of photographs from Westside BID calendar

Winning photograph Westside BID calendar 2023

Westside BID organised a celebratory evening around the photography competition for the 2023 calendar.  We all gathered at the Flapper Pub near Cambrian wharf where we met our fellow winners and local business people.  There were councillors from Birmingham City Council present as well.  The pictures were hung around the room and the MC interviewed each photographer in turn.  Then the food was served and there was a chance to meetest people.  The evening sun shone over the canal allowing us the chance to soak in the warmth.  The last few weeks have been very wet, so the sun was welcome.  There were interviews to be done and pictures to be taken.  My picture was the overall winner and is shown above, although any of the other ones could have won as well.  The two videos plus the story of the night provide a great memory of the event.  Thanks to Westside BID for the support of photography through the calendar. 

The Flapper Pub, Birmingham, 2023
A beautiful evening for the WestsideBIDS celebration evening

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