No Ghosts were harmed by my Key

Key to the City, Aston Hall Birmingham 2022

Aston Hall is a beautiful Grade 1 listed building near to the Aston Villa football ground and is considered to be a leading example of a building from the Jacobean era.  When I arrived at the Hall, a wedding party was setting up.  Two Lamborghinis drove up and parked outside the hall.  They provided great photographic opportunities. 

Key to the City, Aston Hall Birmingham 2022
Fast Cars in front of the Hall

I went into the house and as it was an early Sunday morning I found that I had the place all to myself.  I have been to the Hall several times and always find it fascinating.  So many highlights including the room where King Charles 1 stayed during the Civil War. The staircase where there are the remains of cannon ball damage in the wood which have not been repaired.  The Long Hall always takes your breath away with its simple magnificence.  I made my way to the staircase which leads up Dick Garretts room.  Dick Garret was a servant accused of stealing food and then took his life in the Attic room named after him. 

Just before Dick Garretts room there is a grandfather clock and to the left a door followed by another door which has a lock.  My key opened this door which opened quickly and noisily.  Once through the door, there are several rooms that you are able to access. You enter the first two which are unfurnished and then the last one that is furnished with bed, mirror and writing desk.  I realised that I was all by myself in this secret area. Aston Hall is supposed to be the most haunted place in Britain. Not only is there the ghost of Dick Garret but a Grey Lady that is seen around the Hall.  Fortunately, I did not encounter them or any other ghosts.  

Key to the City, Aston Hall Birmingham 2022
The room with the entrance to the secret chamber.

Or was the ghost already there, I will never know?

Key to the City, Aston Hall Birmingham 2022
Face at the window

What I did capture is a series of pictures and a fun visit to Aston Hall. If you enjoyed this blog then follow up with an account of an instameet that was held at the Hall.

Key to the City, Aston Hall Birmingham 2022
Lights on the Staircase.

My Journey with the Key
If you wish to review my journey then I have published all my visits on my blog as follows.

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