Flash, Bang, Wallop Podcast

Flash, Bang, Wallop Podcast

We are four photographers who got together during lockdown. We enjoyed chatting about photography over zoom and decided that we would love to share our experiences with other photographers out there. As friends we share a passion for taking pictures and as it happens we all photograph a diverse and varied set of subjects. Who are we? There is Martin Kelly our host, who does all the bits and pieces to get our zoom chats up on YouTube etc. Neil Dodd who is based in Switzerland and loves photographing sport especially Swiss Rugby. Ian Lewis who is fortunate to live in Cornwall and takes stunning pictures of the countryside in this beautiful part of the world. Then there is me, Damien Walmsley, who photographs the Birmingham cityscapes and the Warwickshire countryside (plus anything else).

Our Flash, Bang, Wallop Podcast is a monthly show and we cover news, gear and everything photography related including interviewing guests.

You will find our show on
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Please get in touch and you can do this via our Website run by Ian Lewis.

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