I joined the RSPB and you should too!

RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024

Situated in the Staffordshire countryside, RSPB Middleton Lakes are next door to the Aston Villa Bodymoor training ground.  The area around the lakes offer differing recreation activities with Kingsbury Water Park, Middleton Hall and Drayton Manor funfair nearby. Water is an overarching theme of this part of Staffordshire with both the river Tame and the Birmingham and Fazeley canal passing through the area. However, the wildlife in the reserve are unperturbed by what is happening around them and just enjoy being given the peace and quiet away from the built-up areas of the city.  

RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
The lookout towards the heronry

The RSPB look after the lakes and have designated different viewing areas for bird spotters and photographers.  The first place that you encounter not far from the car park is a viewing platform that looks out towards the heronry and here I met Lynn who works for the RSPB.  I had been meaning to join the charity for a while and after chatting to Lynn, I decided to become a member of the RSPB.  Lynn pointed out the heron’s nesting in the trees over the pond from the viewing platform.  I spent a lot of time observing the heron activity in the trees.  I was fortunate to have my 400mm lens with me and therefore I viewed the herons as they went back and forth taking materials to the nest.  There must have been around a dozen nests that I counted.  

RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
Lynn who works for the RSPB with her information stand.
RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
Herons’ nests in the trees with a few occupants.
RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
Nest building in the Heronry.

There are several bird feeders around the viewing area and  blue tits, great tits, chaffinches and bullfinches were flying in and out.  The track takes you along the side of a small river and there are several viewing areas.  I stopped off at one and immediately there were several inquisitive small birds landing on the branches and checking to see what I was doing.

RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
Activity at the bird feeders.
RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
A tough stare from a bullfinch.

The path leads onto the Fisher’s Mill canal bridge where people leave nuts and other bird seed for the many inhabitants of the area. The path then opens up to the wetlands and having been there on a previous occasion, I headed south and explored the meadow area. This is a favoured place to see owls hunting both in the early morning or late evening evening.  

RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
A great tit enjoying the nuts on the canal bridge.
RSPB Middleton Lakes, Staffordshire, March 2024
A canal boat heading northwards.
A view of the wetlands at RSPB Middleton Lakes
Not everyone is happy about sharing.

On the way back, I brough some enamel badges for the grandchildren and set off home.  Middleton Lakes reserve has so much nature on view and now as a member of RSPB  I will take even more of an active interest in the area. The RSPB do such important work to maintain the natural habitats of our bird community. I joined to take an active interest in their work, I would encourage my blog readers to get involved too!

My visit in 2022

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