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Being published as an academic was always a high point of my career and the old phrase “publish or perish” is so true.  Publishing your work was necessary to advance your career.  I had published many papers in the dental world and now I am starting to look for new opportunities in the photographic one.  In the last few years, I have had my pictures published in Digital Photographer and Amateur Photographer (AP).  It gave me the confidence to realise that my pictures were OK and people were not only interested in them but enjoyed looking at them as well.  I therefore chanced my luck and wrote to the Editor of AP to see if the magazine would publish any of my work.  I sent a link to this blog.  I did not hear anything for a couple of months until one Saturday night, I got an email saying they were interested.  The pictures which caught their attention were those of the street art of Birmingham.  I was so excited and found they wanted to feature me in the Readers section.  I filled in the form that they sent and quietly waited. 

Bath Passage street art
Bath Passage street art. This picture was the main feature of my article! Thanks to Gent48 for the artwork and thanks to the unknown stranger

On the 13th February, Tammie Naughton from Birmingham who is in her own right an amazing photographer, alerted me on Twitter with a picture of my article.  I have taken the liberty of using Tammie’s picture in this blog and have provided a link to her work below. As it happens, I subscribe to AP and was so pleased to read the article there was one small mistake of the pictures, but it would not be noticeable to those who are general readers.  I have corrected the Photograph below. 

Street art Justin Sola
Street art by Justin Sola which was not featured by mistake

In conclusion, I was so pleased to see the article published but it has now made me think about new articles that could be written on photography.  I know it is a crowded popular area although there are always new ways of getting the message across.

Graffiti Art in Digbeth
Graffiti Art in Digbeth. Such a great place to visit.

Try your hand at Blogging as it is gets you started in the craft of writing.  Once you have a few blogs ready then start sending your pictures into the editors of photographic magazines.  I know that the common answer is no or no reply but occasionally, just occasionally the answer may be yes!

If you enjoyed this article then please visit the Amateur Photographer site to learn more about the magazine
Amateur Photographer Magazine
If you wish to learn more about Tammie Naughton’s photography work then visit her Instagram page to start your journey of her work.

My own links to Birmingham Street Art are well followed and here they are in case you have forgotten them
Birmingham Lockdown #2 – New Street Art in Digbeth
Digbeth Lights

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