Winter arrives

Knowle High Street in the snow

The snow started falling on a Saturday morning and it was settling on the ground.  Seeing the conditions, I gritted my teeth and decided to head out in the cold.  There could be some good pictures of Knowle village in the snow. Venturing out in the windy cold conditions was not fun.  Being cold and wet, I took my Fuji x100v which is weather proofed and wandered around the High Street taking pictures.  Even though I had camera gloves on, with only the tips of the thumb and first finger exposed, I was getting very cold.  However it was disappointing as the snow had turned to rain and there was little of the white stuff around.  I decided to call it a day and when I got back to my car, I was soaked. Sitting in the car, I noticed that a thick snow blizzard had started.  I decided to be brave and I returned to the High Street for a second time. My decision this time was to use my iPhone13. Going to the northern end of the High street, I started taking pictures and slowly advanced towards the church at the opposite end of the road.  The temperature had dropped and the driving swirling snow was making it difficult to see what was happening. My finger tips were numb so it was difficult to know whether the camera had taken any pictures. I was also shivering and the iPhone was continually slipping out of gloves. I returned to the car more soaked than before and came home. 

Knowle High Street in the snow
Snow swirling around the shops
Knowle High Street in the snow
Little traffic and the pictures take on a timeless quality.
Knowle High Street in the snow
Knowle Church in the Snow

When I saw my iPhone pictures, I realised that I had captured some magical Christmas card snow scenes.  I did have some camera shake on one or two of the pictures but the majority were good.  The reactions on social media were very positive.  I made the long list of #sharemondays2021 and await the results of several other competitions where I submitted the pictures. I am really glad I did brave the conditions!  Seeing the pictures made it all worthwhile!

Knowle High Street in the snow
Without the cars, this scene could be from the Dickens Christmas Carol period.

Some other pictures of Knowle are on my blog including a walk around the area and snow that fell in January 2021

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