The Swing at Swinmoor

Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022

Swinmoor House was our holiday home for a week in August. The house was set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside near to the village of Madley. Comfort and space were qualities that spring to mind about Swinmoor and the well equipped games room was a favourite with all the family.

The grounds around the house were beautiful with dramatic views towards the Black Mountains in Wales. In the garden, there was a traditional tree swing that hung from branches of an old oak tree. We have so many memories around that swing and my grandchildren loved it. There were squeals of laughter whenever they were on the swing and whilst all the family enjoyed taking turns, it was the younger two grandchildren sitting together who enjoyed moving back and forth through the air. I took several photographs of the grandchildren and the family by the swing. I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are several pictures of Swinmoor House is in the background. If you are looking for that special place to take a family holiday then Swinmoor House is highly recommended.

Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
Sian and Jim
Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022

Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
Lily by “Katie the photographer”
Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
The Family

This post is linked to Starry Night where the House is featured in Night Sky Photography.

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