Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.

Our base for our stay in the Lake District was Lowfield House in Little Langdale. The house was comfortable and spacious with remarkable views of the valley. I have taken the liberty of posting some of the incredible views that have created memories that the family will treasure in future years. The house was central to many local attractions and the ones we took advantage were based around several of the towns and villages in the area. We visited Ambleside, Bowness, Grassmere, Keswick and Hawkshead. Our favourite happened to be Ambleside for the shops and the many activities that could be done around the town including the pretty Lakehead area. I have created several blogs of our time in the Lake District and Lowfield house was central to our holiday. My final blog will be a few views in and around the Little Langdale valley.

Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.
A rainbow forms amongst the rain and the sun.
Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.
A beautiful day for a walk.
Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.
Morning mist on the fells.

The house was excellent and the website provides all the information needed although I will focus on two features that we loved. The red squirrel at the entrance to the house was impressive. This stainless steel statue is heat tarnished to provide a red tint. The first picture is of the statue and the second is how we incorporated the statue into family photographs.

Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.
Red Squirrel by Clare Bigger.

The CookCoo clock was a big success. The grandchildren loved it and every time we came close to the hour, they gathered in the kitchen to hear it chime. Last year the swing at Swinmoor House was the feature that the family loved most. This year, the “qoo ckoo” clock took on the same significance.

The qoo ckoo clock is above the Kitchen entrance. (Picture by Katie Morgan)

Here is the family photograph taken on the steps outside the house with the fells in the background.

Views around Little Langdale, the Lake District, 2023.
Family picture on the steps outside Lowfield House.


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Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022

Swinmoor House was our holiday home for a week in August. The house was set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside near to the village of Madley. Comfort and space were qualities that spring to mind about Swinmoor and the well equipped games room was a favourite with all the family.

The grounds around the house were beautiful with dramatic views towards the Black Mountains in Wales. In the garden, there was a traditional tree swing that hung from branches of an old oak tree. We have so many memories around that swing and my grandchildren loved it. There were squeals of laughter whenever they were on the swing and whilst all the family enjoyed taking turns, it was the younger two grandchildren sitting together who enjoyed moving back and forth through the air. I took several photographs of the grandchildren and the family by the swing. I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are several pictures of Swinmoor House is in the background. If you are looking for that special place to take a family holiday then Swinmoor House is highly recommended.

Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
Sian and Jim
Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022

Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
Lily by “Katie the photographer”
Swinmoor House, Madley, Herefordshire, 2022
The Family

This post is linked to Starry Night where the House is featured in Night Sky Photography.

I like this assignment that I was given by a 52 weeks of photography group that I am a member of on Flickr. This was to tty out a new way of exploring a landscape. The idea is to create a composite of multiple pictures of a landscape that you’ve taken during a short walk through it. It was a simple job of taking many shots of the Watergate Bay beach landscape. I found lots of views that caught my eye. It was also great fun assembling this selection of pictures. 

It has taken some time to sort out the holiday photographs so here they are. First off is our arrival at Watergate Bay. As soon as we had unpacked then we all headed off to the beach to have some fun. It was wet and windy but as the pictures show that did not distract from the fun.

Sky meets Water
Three surfers
I love my Mum
Not sure about this, Mummy
We do like to be beside the seaside
First look at the sea
Getting the hang of this
Walk across the sands

We have never been to Ragley Hall in our time in the Midlands, so when my daughter Natasha suggested visiting on one of the open days then I was easily persuaded. We only signed up for the gardens as we had my grandson, Noah but it was still good fun. The grounds are expansive and there is a lake with forrest. The bluebells were past their sell by date and the path was not passable in places. However, the gardens were in immaculate condition and the Scott Garden with statues was beautifully laid out. We enjoyed the lunch in the cellars at the Hall and next time I must go and visit the state rooms. Hope you enjoy all the pictures that I took 🙂

We visited the Eden project as part of our summer holidays.  This is a place that I had wanted to visit so cameras were packed and away we went. Approaching the attraction, you pass through a scarred countryside of clay pits and then entering the carpark, there is not much to see so it was difficult to understand what the excitement was about.  We were early so we quickly brought our ticket and walked through the entrance doors. Wow, the scene is amazing with the outer world biomes dominating the landscape.  The core with its prickly roof does not look out of place.  So many picture opportunities as you will see below.  We started in the Jungle Biome and walked all the way to the top.  My camera (Canon 5D) misted up for a while.  Exotic plants, waterfalls, views of the terrain all made for great pictures.  We also visited the Mediterranean Biome and the Core.  For pictures, the Core is interesting with smoke emitting structures and a giant stone seed.  My family and I enjoyed the day and we will certainly be back to visit again.

On the last day of June, I went down to the Confetti fields at Wick, near Pershore, Worcestershire.  I went with Natasha and Noah.  The fields were full of colour and my daughter and grandson enjoyed the experience.  We then went to Pershore Abbey and had a picnic in the grounds of the Abbey.  It was a beautiful day.  My camera was the iPhone8, and the Canon D5 mk4 with the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II U SM, and a wide angle lens EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM.  I also used my EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens for some of the portrait pictures.  Simple processing was used.


It was beautiful with many different coloured flowers on display.

We spent an hour and half in the fields

A family selfie with my daughter and grandson

Lots of fun

Looking towards the viewing platform

Pershore Abbey in the distance

Details of the flowers

Captivated by the flowers

More colours

My favourite picture

Layers of colours

Sometimes you just have to sit down

Workers harvesting the Confetti

Confetti to buy

Buying some flowers

The magnificent Pershore abbey

The lasting memory of the fields

Siân, my youngest daughter, got married to Jim Bruce and I was able to take a few photographs during the day.  We did have an official photographer and VJ is brilliant but I brought along my Sony RX100V5 for the ceremony and then my Canon 5D for the final part of the night.  It was a great opportunity to get some candid pictures. Weddings are fun but I would not wish to be an official photographer as I would be worried about making sure that I had the correct pictures and had not missed any of the important ones.  Here are a few of my better pictures that I took and I do love those ones that are showing a packed pub.  Everyone was having a great time and it shows.  The wedding was at St George and St Teresa and the reception was the Bell in Tanworth in Arden.  For those interested, my speech went as well as can be expected 🙂

Sian getting ready

The beautiful car with the beautiful bridesmaids

On the way to the Church

signing the marriage certificate

The bride and groom with the Bridesmaids (and Lily)

My three daughters, Natasha, Sian and Katie

The ushers, best man, bride and groom and the bridesmaids

Rob, Natasha and Noah (in his peaky blinder hat)

The Rolls Royce car in Tanworth in Arden

The decorations in the pub

Cutting the Cake

The Morgan family

Run Lily Run

The first dance

The first dance (continued)

What a party

Dancing the night away

My best night ever

Situated at the University of Birmingham, Winterbourne House is well worth a visit. Here are a few pictures from my recent trip there with the family. Lots of colour in the summer and next time we will remember to take our picnic hamper with us.