The Piccadilly Arcade

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The Piccadilly Arcade is part of my photographic series of arcades in Birmingham. I have already done the GWA (Great Western Arcade) and I thought it would be a good idea to follow this up with the Piccadilly Arcade.

Mother’s Day and a few days is a long time.
Life goes on for the moment

What I wanted to achieve was a snapshot of life in the arcade. Little was I to realise that life was going to change drastically later on that week. These photographs were taken on Monday 16th March and publishing on Saturday 21st March the world has been changed by Corona Virus. However please enjoy these pictures and let’s hope for normal service as soon as possible.

walking the dog
winged horses
looking down
coat of arms
A window with some interesting photographic art

Starting off this photographic journey I decided to wander in from the New Street end of the arcade. I took pictures of the entrance and framed a few trams in and around the entrance. I did get a few strange looks as I took pictures up and down the arcade. I felt sorry for the Faculty cafe as there were few people in an otherwise empty cafe. There was also a worry for flower shop with its mother’s day signs as I now know writing this it will be a rather subdued day. The barbers shop was busy and the regular footfall through the arcade was brisk. Some shops are closing down, other established shops are busy for the moment.

Looking in
Shops and people

Eventually I came to the entrance on New Street and took a few minutes to take in the beautiful architecture and the passage of people around the entrance. The two cupids are just above the the New Street entrance. I had never really seen them before. It is funny how you pass by shops and buildings without giving then a second glance.

front entrance

The ceiling within in the Arcade has murals which depict several dystopian scenes with people looking down on you. There was a guy taking a picture of the ceiling whilst I was there. Several of the photographs I have processed in black and white as it gives a nice contrast to the colour pictures that were taken. I hope you enjoy this visit through this passageway that connects a busy part of Birmingham.

looking up

The Arcade has a great website and far from me to plagiarise the history or the information that is contained on the site. So if you want the background then please visit

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