The Photoshow on the British Tech Network

The British Tech Network is run by Ewen Rankin and started out mainly as a discussion network for computer enthusiasts.
It is lovingly termed the BTN and the members discuss topics via the BTN Slack room. The network runs a weekly Mac Show and Big Show which is very popular with well over 20,000 subscribers. “The Photo Show” is also part of the British Tech Network. We cover news, kit and then discuss a topic. We have had guests on who have discussed subjects from wedding photography to portrait photography.

The BTN PhotoShow
The Photo Show in full swing with Sarah Longes

The Photoshow is also popular and has around 6,000 views. Whilst Ewen started off the Photoshow he has now entrusted the project to small team of 4 people who are all enthusiasts when it comes to photography.

Martin who is an amateur photographer and a brilliant pub quiz organiser.  His pub quizzes kept Sandy and I going through the first Lockdown in April 2020 and we are still doing them in the 2nd Lockdown.  Then there is Ian Lewis who is an amateur photographer from Cornwall and lives amongst the most amazing scenery.  There is Doddsie (Neil Dodds) who lives in Nyon, Switzerland who also has beautiful scenery to photograph.  Finally there is me who enjoys a picture or two.

Photoshow Web Page
The BTN website with Tubemapper – Luke Agbaimoni – featured guest

We started off by ourselves and as we got more proficient, we invited guests.  You will see in the recordings that both Luke Agbaimoni (@Tubemapper) and Sarah Longes have been on the show.  Both were very entertaining, and Sarah has so much to talk about that we have made it into two shows.  She covered such diverse topics especially mindfulness and dealing with adversity in your life.  Even though she was shielded during the Lockdown, she still managed some amazing pictures.

The show is released as a podcast on a regular 2 weekly basis and is already receiving rave reviews for its content.

Photoshow Regulars
Ian Lewis Photography – https://ianlewisphoto.co.uk/
Neil Dodd – http://doddsiephoto.ch/

Photoshow Guests
Tubemapper – https://tubemapper.com/
Sarah Longes – https://miradordesign.wordpress.com/

Sponsors of the Show
iMendmacs – https://www.imendmacs.com/
Tshhost – https://www.tsohost.com/

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