Photographing Vancouver– Stanley Park

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Stanley park is the centre of Vancouver. A large natural reserve near to the city and it has so much to see in it.  I did some running around on my first morning and used my iPhone to take pictures of the eastern tip of the park. The water is still and offers lovely reflections of the marina and the city. I got there by running down Robson street and used that as my starting off point into the park. 

View of the Marina
View of Vancouver from the Park
A lighthouse on the north perimeter

For the Summer solstice, I walked to the Eastern side of the park and captured the sun going down.  Crowds had gathered near to the English Bay Beach. The sunset was golden and a lovely end of the day

Summer Solstice

For my last day in Vancouver, I ran around the Eastern perimeter underneath the road bridge and then headed down through the interior of the park.  I stopped at Siwash Rock to take pictures as it has nice views of the western part of Vancouver. I kept running past the upper tip and then made my way home. I headed southwards through the park. I quickly found that you can easily loose your bearings in the park especially if you are tired with your running.  Once again I used my iPhone to take pictures on the run, and I was pleased that I came across the rose garden which is a peaceful place in the park with lots of colour. Then I found Robson street and it was back to the hotel. It was a long but rewarding run.

Siwash Rock
Siwash Rock

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