Photographing Vancouver– Around the Marina

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The conference is intense but during the lunchtime breaks, I was able to take time out and stroll around the seafront.  Vancouver is a photogenic city and there is always something happening.  You can spend many an hour just watching the harbour float planes taking off and landing in front of the conference centre.  The marina has beautiful yachts and colourful house boats.  There are people just enjoying the outdoors, cycling and running around the Marina. The city does have its homeless problem but I did like the ingenuity of the person who hung his hammock on the house on stilts.  The aluminium house is known as the “crooked house on stilts”, or LightShed by Liz Magor. When I looked the next day the hammock was gone. All pictures by my Sony RX100v5 either on P or S setting.

Even though the view is breathtaking, it is time to take a stroll outside.
Float planes landing and taking off
A single figure goes forward into the land of high rise living.
An ingenious way to find a bed for the night.
Colourful House boats in the Marina
Space Venus by Salvador Dali

The last picture is of Space Venus by Salvador Dali. This picture was taken on the Friday. I learnt that the statue was vandalised and the golden egg taken on the Saturday night after we left to go back home. Details of this were reported in the local news.

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