Lockmasters’ Cottages

You may gather that I love nothing more than putting my camera and lenses in a backpack and then setting off along the local canal network.  When cycling along the canals, it is interesting to see cottages near to large flights of locks.  These Lockmasters’ Cottages are part of the waterways heritage when the canals were busy with traffic.  The canals were the major highways and people were employed to check that the boat traffic ran efficiently and smoothly.  Now these Cottages are part of the scenery and many are privately owned or used as holiday homes.  The architecture is interesting and they are positioned so they have a prominent view of the waterway.  I have selected a few of the cottages that I have photographed on my travels using my Canon D5 mk4 with the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens and EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens.  Both are fine in a small photographic backpack for cycling.  When taking the photographs, I like the overall view and look to capture the “feel” whether it will be stillness shown by the reflections or activity with a boat going through the lock.  I put the Cottage in the frame and aim to tell a story through the picture.

Finally I have also include an older picture of the Lockmaster’s Cottage in Lowsenford that is owned by the Landmark Trust.  In 2015, five of Sir Antony Gormley statues were commissioned to celebrate 50 years of the Landmark Trust. This statue was placed near to the centre of England and was next to Lengthman’s Cottage, Lowsonford, Warwickshire. The other four were at four ends of the compass around the UK whilst this one was on the Stratford-upon-Avon canal. They were displayed for only 1 year and then returned to Sir Antony Gormley.

Stratford-upon-avon Canal
Bottom lock at Hatton near Warwick on Grand Union Canal
Long Exposure of the Cottage at Kingswood junction, Lapworth.
The pretty cottage at Preston Bagot on the Stratford canal
Stratford Canal
Stratford Canal
Lengthsman’s Cottage in 2015 with the Sir Antony Gormley statue.

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Denise Roney
Denise Roney
1 year ago

This is amazing, all news to me, fabulous photographs too!
I learnt only yesterday that a relative I am tracing on Ancestry
was the Master lockeeper at Eastham on the Wirral in Cheshire,
he had moved down from way up North (Ross & Cromarty) am guessing
for the work?
Are there any photographs of the cottages does anyone know?

21 days ago

[…] In this blog of Lockmaster’s cottages on the canals near me, the final picture shows the Antony Gormley statue celebrating the anniversary of the Landmark Trust. […]

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