Last days of Lockdown #3

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I have been documenting the Lockdowns over the last year and we are a few days away from April 12th when shops will reopen. My last blog entry was all about Digbeth. I was interested to see what the city centre looked like and therefore, after taking pictures in Digbeth, I walked into Birmingham city centre.  As expected, It was quiet except for all the ‘Just Eat’ guys on the steps eating during their lunch break.  Their bikes were all strewn around the concourse overlooking St Martins church.  Other pictures taken on my walk included some headline photographs of the Electric Cinema looking sparkly from nearby reflections, trams and masks in Birmingham and the covering of the Selfridges store. Here are a few highlights of that stroll around the centre.

Walk to Birmingham
Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk into Birmingham
This is a cheeky street photo
Walk into Birmingham
Selfridges is slowly being covered
Birmingham April 2021
Texting but not just eating
More of the Just Eat Guys
Just Eat again
Signs of the times

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Venturing into Birmingham

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