Clifton and the Bridge

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The Clifton Suspension Bridge is very impressive and my hotel, the Avon Gorge by Hotel du Vin, was adjacent to the bridge. I checked into the hotel and I was straight out with my camera.  It was dusk and many cars were passing through the bridge during rush hour.  The bridge is a beautiful structure and you get pulled towards it.  At the conference dinner we had a short talk about the bridge from a volunteer who gave a PowerPoint talk about the the bridge, its construction by Brunel and other stories about it.  Although it was dark after the dinner, I did got out later to look around the bridge that was lit up.  It was very quiet with little to no traffic but it provided great photographic opportunities.  

Rush hour on the bridge
At night
looking along the bridge

The next day I was up at a reasonable time but I did see that the the sunrise was accompanied by a beautiful dapple light caused by some mist in the gorge.  I headed up to the observatory that overlooks the bridge and took many pictures.  One of my pictures made BBC Breakfast weather which I was very pleased about.  The low level light of the sunrise was stunning and I caught the reflections on the dew that had settled on the grass.

imposing structure
It made BBC Breakfast
Mist in the Gorge
Early walkers
Rising sun
Lone Daffodil
The Observatory
Looking towards the observatory

Following this I then wandered around Clifton village taking pictures of the buildings and people who were either getting ready for school or heading off to work.  The village has a lot of character and the houses provide many opportunities for pictures.  I even found a house where W.G. Grace, the cricketer once lived.  It was a wonderful morning and could have lingered around the village for a long time

The local church in Clifton
Interesting shops
Long streets
Wall decoration
Getting the groceries ready
Lovely architecture
Blue Plaque
Babylon to Clifton
Quiet Streets
Local landmarks

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