Hay Wood March 2021

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There is a definite theme developing here and it has to be trees and woods.  I must be going slightly mad as the Queen song says although today, I did not see the “One thousand and one yellow daffodils” from the song in the woods.  I got to see some great views of trees and also the anticipation of bluebells which are only a few weeks away.  Their green leaves are starting to carpet the ground, so it won’t be long.  I went out armed to the teeth with my cameras and tripod which I was rather pleased about as had some good picture opportunities.  Let’s set the scene it was a Sunday morning, and the venue was a favourite site of mine, Hay Wood near to Baddesley Clinton. 

Beautiful sunlight through the woods
Hay Wood March 2021
Path through the woods
Hay Wood March 2021
HAving some fun with the zoom eeffect

I made my way around the Northern parameter and luckily got there at 9.30am and even then, there were still many cars parked on the limited strip of road where parking is allowed.  One of the unfortunate side effects of the Lockdowns is how people have flocked to such beauty spots and in doing so have churned up the roads and paths in the surrounding areas.  The trick is not to arrive at popular times.  I had my Canon D5 Mk IV with me, and I used both my go to lens (Canon lens EF 24-70mm f2.8L and 70 to 200mm f4L).  The tripod was well worth taking along and I have indicated where it was used. 

On the way back I took pictures with my Fujifilm x100v compact.  You will see that there are some awful examples of rubbish being left in the woods including syringes, face masks and clothing.  People just don’t take their rubbish back home with them.  Why? Why do people wish to destroy the natural beauty around the place.  And don’t get me started on the subject of leaving dog poo bags.

Hay Wood is part of the Woodland Trust network and they do a brilliant job in maintaining nature as it should be kept.  So finally a question to myself about these contraptions that are seen in some parts of the wood.  They appear to be some form of measuring system or even cultivation device.  I will keep looking for the answer but meanwhile they are fun to photograph.

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