Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024

I was fortunate to visit Brighton as part of a conference.  My hotel was on the seafront and in between sessions, I was able to head out with my camera and take pictures.  The promenade is great for pictures, as with care and respect, it is possible to get some interesting street photos.  The Lanes is also a good place for street photography.  They are narrow and patches of light are everywhere.  Once again people are accepting of what seems to be tourists taking pictures.  However one person did show their displeasure at my camera being pointed in their direction whilst another passerby complimented me on my Fujifilm.  As I mentioned earlier, take care and try not to harass people. Here are a few pictures taken on the streets suing my stay in Brighton.  I did not hear any sounds such as a Brian May Queen guitar solo whilst I was photographing!

Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Pale body on the beach.
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
At the pier
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Which way now?
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Brighton Cafe
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Brighton rescue
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Beach fun
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Fun on the beach is over
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Underneath the 360
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Watch out for the cyclists
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Entrance to Car Park has classical music on loudspeaker.
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Sights on the streets
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Welcome to the Lanes
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Window shopping in the Lanes
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Open window restaurant
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Late night gourmet food
Brighton, Street Photography, June, 2024
Rise and Shine

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Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

The low lighthouse at Burnham on Sea stands alone on the beach just north of the town.  It is an imposing structure and commands the horizon and your attention.  It has 9 legs, a ladder to the door of house and is painted mainly white.  There are squares of black with a bright red vertical stripe at the front of the building.  The legs are metal sitting in the sand and the structure itself is wood.
We visited it late afternoon and the storm clouds were moving in and out with occasional flashes of blue sky.  The single structure is iconic and reminded me of Chesterton Windmill which commands your attention against a changing skyline.  Here are my photographs of the low lighthouse.  I have taken several pictures around it and then a deconstructed view of all the parts to it.

Burnham-on-Sea LightHouse
Overlooking Burnham-on-Sea
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Lighthouse deconstructed

The funny story about the lighthouse is that I spent a great deal of time taking pictures of the back of it looking out to see. I only discovered the red stripe when my photographic buddy pointed out that I needed to look at the front of the lighthouse. I think there is a photographic tip somewhere in the story!

Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

If you are interested in reading more about the lighthouse then there are several articles on it. 
Lighthouses in Burnham on Sea

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Chesterton Windmill

Cameras used with these pictures
Canon D5 with lenses 16-35 and 70-200mm
FujiFilm x100v

Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse

Watergate bay the last night and we went out for a nice pub meal. On the way back we stopped off at the Watergate Bay hotel. They have opened a bar called Watchful Mary. It seemed that the night was going to be overcast and worse still the bar was crowded so we huddled up under blankets on the outside seats. As the sun went down the clouds parted and there was a spectacular sunset which lasted around 20 minutes. It was a great finish to the holiday.

We spent a delightful morning in St Agnes followed by a trip to Wheal Coates Tin mine. These pictures are rather special as I have wanted to visit the Tin mine and see it for myself. The scenery is beautiful but the thoughts go back to all those people who worked these mines over the years. This is owned by the National Trust and looks impressive against the natural backdrop of the sea. The colour of the heather adds to the pictures.

Cornish Streets
Red box, White house
Flowers in the street
The path to the mine
The mine appears
Od Buildings
Wheal Coates mine and its stunning backdrop
Reach for the Sky
More stunning scenery
The picture that I love

It has taken some time to sort out the holiday photographs so here they are. First off is our arrival at Watergate Bay. As soon as we had unpacked then we all headed off to the beach to have some fun. It was wet and windy but as the pictures show that did not distract from the fun.

Sky meets Water
Three surfers
I love my Mum
Not sure about this, Mummy
We do like to be beside the seaside
First look at the sea
Getting the hang of this
Walk across the sands

The North Cornish Coast is spectacular, and we visited only a small section of the coast around and to the north of Newquay.  My favourites were Watergate Bay and the Bedruthan Steps.  Unfortunately, I did not have my filters with me for the steps, but I was still able to capture the water flow in slow motion.  There was not that many sunsets but the opportunity to be by the sea was just great and a few pictures tell the story.