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During the lockdown for the Corona Virus, the government allow one exercise a day. In my case this is a one hour walk which I take early in the morning. Since the clocks went forward, I have been getting up at 6am and leaving the house in time for the sunrise. As the sun rises earlier each day, there will be a time that I just go for a lie in! I have several walks around Knowle and Dorridge and the trick is to keep making them interesting. This is one I took on Good Friday morning. I walked down to Knowle Park and then onto the village, past the Scout Hut to the Church. I made my way to Kixley lane as at the end I am able to reach a bridge over the canal which gives good views of the waterway.

Kixley Lane sunrise
Two plane trails in tandem

I was rather pleased to see a canal boat there but it does make me wander if these boats are under lockdown as I don’t remember the boat being there 2 weeks ago. It still gives a great focus point for taking pictures of the canal. The park was also misty and with the sunrise, there was the opportunity for some lovely colours.

Canal boat in isolation
I am not going on the towpath as it will be difficult to self isolate

It will be a shame if the government choose to stop the one hours exercise in the future and so I will be doing my best to keep walking until that day comes.

My trusty walking companion
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