High Speed China

The railway station at Guangzhou impressed upon me the scale of the Engineering project that China undertook to connect all the major cities. Guangzhou station was immense and was larger than large. So many people were milling around and the platform entrances went on and on forever.

Passenger waiting area

There is organisation amongst all the goings on in the station and there is an efficiency on moving you through the ticket barriers into the waiting area then finally onto the platform. The trains are comfortable and it is similar to being on a plane. The landscape changes in a blink of an eye as you hurtle onto your destination. Not surprising given the speeds that we were travelling at. Each station I visited Guangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing was similar – all were very clean with a feeling of vast space about them. Is this what our HS2 train network will look like?

No one uses the stairs (design errors)
Window view of China
High Speed ahead
Arrival Wuhan
Station Exit
Wuhan Railway Station
The stewardesses taking selfies

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