Exploring King’s Cross

Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023

The interior of King’s Cross Station is an architectural marvel, and I made the decision to visit with my wide angled lens.  I had visited the station a few times mainly to the Harry Potter platform 3/4 and the nearby shop for my grandchildren.  This time I was there to take a picture for my 52 weeks challenge in the style of Candida Höfer.  This photographer took wide angled pictures of large rooms.  When I arrived at the station, I made my way up to the gallery. I asked a couple sitting in the spot that I needed for the symmetry of the architecture if I could take a picture from their table. Luckily, they said yes.  I could not use a tripod, so I upped the ISO on the camera.  Once I had the picture in the can, so to speak, I relaxed and then took several more pictures around the station.  I looked for leading lines, juxtaposition opportunities and several other pictures around the station.  This including pictures from above the platforms and more of the wonderful architecture.  

Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
Up the escalators to the Gallery.
Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
Picture this.
Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
The open concourse of the station
Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
Negotiating the station concourse.

The place I wanted for one of my photographs was in the centre of the concourse. As I was taking pictures, Sam came up to me. He was an architect and he was just in love with design of the station. He asked if I could take a picture of him. In return, I asked if he could be in my 100 strangers project which he duly obliged. Furthermore, he even gave this special pose for the picture. My 100 strangers project will be the subject of a later blog posting.

Sam the architecture lover.

Following this I went below to the underground station and walked along the tunnel that links St Pancras and Kings Cross to Granary Square.  This tunnel has a sweeping curve with moving lights on one wall and black supporting spines on the other.  The colours of the wall and the repeating patterns are a delight to photograph. I felt as if I was stalking the pedestrians moving through the tunnel.  However their silhouettes added to the photographic composition of the place.  Overall a good spot to visit for photography and offers many different opportunities.

Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
The Kings Cross tunnel
Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
The colourful tunnel

Here are some links to follow on from my blog. First there is the Kings Cross Tunnel web page telling you about this amazing piece of design. The other famous place to discover at King’s Cross is Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter Books and again I may well feature that on another blog.

Here are some more links to discovering London as a photographer.

Kings Cross Station, London, March 2023
The central column in Black and White.

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