Loch Lomond Weekend February 2023

Weekend in Loch Lomond

Damien WalmsleyMar 5, 20234 min read
Scotland is a wonderful place to always visit and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a weekend on Loch Lomond in February with Sandy.  Having flown up on the Friday morning, we picked up our hire car and made our way to Duck Bay on the bonny shores of the Loch.  A magnificent rainbow … Continue reading Weekend in Loch Lomond
Oil and water, at home, February 2nd

Oil on the water

Damien WalmsleyFeb 2, 20231 min read
This posting of oil and water photography brings you a selection of more colourful abstract pictures. Here are some more eye popping pictures from the colourful world of Oil and water. Make sure you stay for the links at the end as well. If you enjoyed this then here are some more Oil and Water … Continue reading Oil on the water
The Monument Steps, London, January, 2023


Damien WalmsleyFeb 1, 20233 min read
The great fire of London has captured my granddaughter Lily’s imagination. We have been discussing the fire as she was learning about the historical events in history. As I would have some free time in London, I decided that I must go and visit the Monument near to London Bridge. In all my time in … Continue reading Steps
Regent Canal to Camden Market, January 2023

Walking Regent’s Canal

Damien WalmsleyJan 31, 20232 min read
I had some time to visit the canal in North London and my starting point was just north of Kings Cross Station,accessing the canal from York Way bridge. Making my way north I passed Coal Drops Yard and under the railway bridges. There was a Canal and River Trust stand near to Gasholder park and … Continue reading Walking Regent’s Canal
'Your Next Breath', Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, January, 2023

Surgeons Pandemic Memorial

Damien WalmsleyJan 28, 20232 min read
A thought provoking memorial to the Covid19 pandemic sits in the gardens of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. There are four statues standing expressing emotions of despair, tiredness and exhaustion. These bronze cast life sized figures are based on the real life experiences of three health care workers. The work is called “Your … Continue reading Surgeons Pandemic Memorial
Street Photography, Edinburgh, January 2023

Edinburgh street photography

Damien WalmsleyJan 28, 20231 min read
The streets of Edinburgh lend themselves to street photography. The natural backdrop of old buildings and captivating views of the surrounding countryside help to frame the people as they go about their everyday life. The winter light is strong and directional. The stonework reflects the light and makes for some interesting pictures. Here is a … Continue reading Edinburgh street photography
Calton Hill, Edinburgh, January, 2023

Edinburgh – the tourist view

Damien WalmsleyJan 25, 20232 min read
I was fortunate to visit Edinburgh for a conference and had the morning to myself. The meeting was due to start at lunchtime, leaving me free to roam around the city. It was a beautiful morning and my hotel was in the Old Town. My plan was to wander down the Royal Mile down to … Continue reading Edinburgh – the tourist view
Chinese New Year, Chinatown, Birmingham, January 2023

Year of the Rabbit 2023

Damien WalmsleyJan 24, 20231 min read
Venturing into China Town Birmingham to celebrate the Chinese New Year was a colourful affair. Hurst Street was set up with a stage and there were a number of market stalls set up along the street. The main action when I arrived was down in the Arcadian where the dragon dancers were in residence. The … Continue reading Year of the Rabbit 2023
Walking in Digbeth, Floodgate St, January, 2023

Walking in Digbeth

Damien WalmsleyJan 8, 20233 min read
“Walking after you” is a line from an old CCS song called Walking that was released in 1971. The band CCS was led by Alexis Korner and was my introduction into blues music. The song mirrors my photography as I walk along the streets of Digbeth. Arriving early on a January morning before 8am, the … Continue reading Walking in Digbeth