A conversation with a Heron

A heron with a startled look

On my travels, I met a heron. It was on the tow path by the Black Boy marina. I put my bag down and I heard a noise. I looked around and I found a heron looking at me. He was only 2 metres away and did not seem to be particularly worried about me. I suspect he mistook me for a fisherman who would normally be around the tow path and the heron was on the look out for some morsels of food. It gave me a great opportunity to take pictures of the bird.

A heron with beak open
A heron with beak open as if it is laughing
A close up of the heron
A close up of the heron
A heron staring at the viewer
What are you looking at?
Another one of those Heron looks
Another one of those Heron looks
The heron with its neck fully extended
The heron with its neck fully extended

I was not so successful photographing his flight across the canal to the boats on the other side as I needed my general purpose lens. However the telephoto lens I had did allow me to get great closeups of the heron and I got some fun expressions from the bird.

The heron decides to fly away
The heron gets bored and decides to fly away

PhotoTip – always be ready for the unexpected. The heron just turned up and was there. I had some time to think and my 400mm lens came in useful. I did not get the settings right for the flight of the bird or have the right lens on but the close ups were the highlight of the day.

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3 years ago

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