I travelled down to London to undertake a PhD examination viva for an academic colleague and friend.  I planned to arrive an hour early as the venue was Kings College.  The area between Kings College and the Shard has become very photogenic.  It is a mixture of new buildings and old buildings.  Many of the older buildings have been repurposed and turned into shops and restaurants.  The day was cold but very bright with the sun shinning.  In spite of the harsh shadows it was possible to get some interesting pictures.  I had my Canon D4 and my trusty 24-105mm lens.  It is a heavy combination but it feels very comfortable in the hand.  I also used my iPhone Pro 11.  BBC London featured my picture of the Walkie Talkie with the Guns of HMS Belfast trained upon it.  

Shard and a bus
The shard between buildings
A range of architecture
More of the shard
When I worked in London the Shard was not there!

I walked past Hay’s Galleria onto City Hall then past Tower Bridge.  I had not visited the Shad Thames street before and found that interesting for photographing.

Playing in the water fountains
The Tower of London
Light and Shadow
Vista of Canary Wharf
Vista of the North Bank
Tower Bridge

The light created some great shadows for the landscape photography and there were many photographs that I was very happy with.  My hands were frozen by the time I reached the restaurant but it was well worth it.

Old Docklands
Criss cross pathways