'Your Next Breath', Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, January, 2023

A thought provoking memorial to the Covid19 pandemic sits in the gardens of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. There are four statues standing expressing emotions of despair, tiredness and exhaustion. These bronze cast life sized figures are based on the real life experiences of three health care workers. The work is called “Your next breadth” and you have to pass by it as you enter into the Royal College.

'Your Next Breath', Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, January, 2023
The four figures.

I was there for a conference and had the opportunity to visit the artwork. I was inspired to take many pictures at different angles of which my personal selection is shown in this blog. The artist and sculptor, Kenny Hunter, designed this work and I found more examples of his work on Instagram. These four figures are set out in a diamond with three looking forward and the fourth looking into the circle with arms outstretched. They radiate a powerful message about working at the frontline during Covid19 and are a fitting tribute to all the health workers that were involved in the care of patients.

Like any emotive pieces of artwork, the photography is a challenge as you look to take a picture that is different from all the publicity pictures that have been taken. I felt privileged to be able to take the pictures that are in the blog. As readers will know, I have seen many tributes and several of them have been featured in my blog. The photography of this memorial adds to my increasing story of the pandemic and how people are remembering what happened. These tributes will allow people to find closure after a turbulent time in the history of mankind.

'Your Next Breath', Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, January, 2023
Even during the night.

This is one of several art installations that have occurred since the pandemic. I have provided links to these for your further reading.