Our beating heart, Snow Hill Square, Birmingham, March 2024

A big, revolving, mirrored heart has appeared in Snow Hill square accompanied by lights and seventies disco music.  Quite a combination when you think about it.  Such retro art installations catch my imagination.  “Our beating Heart” is a pop-up show sponsored by Colmore Business District and is free to view.  

I hurried along after a meeting at the MAC to see the latest art installation that Birmingham has on show.  Snow Hill was quiet, sparsely populated with commuters heading home.  In the middle of the square was the heart slowly revolving and lit up by lights.  The 11,000 mirrors reflected the light around the darkened buildings of the square.  The effect was pleasing and mesmerising as shards of coloured light gave a snowfall effect on the buildings.  The music was very much retro.  Whilst I was there taking pictures, songs from my youth were blasted out into the night.   Heart of Glass by Blondie and Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees are two examples of the disco style music.  This an open-air disco and luckily there was no rain.   

Our beating heart, Snow Hill Square, Birmingham, March 2024
View from the Station end of the square.
Our beating heart, Snow Hill Square, Birmingham, March 2024
No bikes allowed!
Our beating heart, Snow Hill Square, Birmingham, March 2024
Colour popping

Just to emphasise the fun of the evening two people were dressed up in multicoloured swap-shop jackets and were ready to engage in conversation with passers-by.  The installation was Instagram friendly and I was not alone in taking photographs.  Some serious picture taking was happening and a look at the socials shows how everyone wanted to have a piece of the action.  The heart was not the easiest object to photograph, very bright lights against the dark is tricky at the best of times.  My humble offering of photographs may not be the best but they give a flavour of the atmosphere.  There is much more information on the Colmore Business District web site and the pity is that the heart is only around for a few nights.  There was a board, where you could post supplied stickers saying how the heart made you feel.   I enjoyed seeing the heart but left bemused that a disco light shaped as a heart with retro hits has captured everyone’s imagination.  But that is what good art does by making you give an opinion.  My advice go and visit as the heart is worth seeing just for the picture taking.

Our beating heart, Snow Hill Square, Birmingham, March 2024
Multi-coloured swapshop jacket.

More information on the Beating heart designed by Studio Vertigo and the Colmore Business District.

Siân, my youngest daughter, got married to Jim Bruce and I was able to take a few photographs during the day.  We did have an official photographer and VJ is brilliant but I brought along my Sony RX100V5 for the ceremony and then my Canon 5D for the final part of the night.  It was a great opportunity to get some candid pictures. Weddings are fun but I would not wish to be an official photographer as I would be worried about making sure that I had the correct pictures and had not missed any of the important ones.  Here are a few of my better pictures that I took and I do love those ones that are showing a packed pub.  Everyone was having a great time and it shows.  The wedding was at St George and St Teresa and the reception was the Bell in Tanworth in Arden.  For those interested, my speech went as well as can be expected 🙂

Sian getting ready

The beautiful car with the beautiful bridesmaids

On the way to the Church

signing the marriage certificate

The bride and groom with the Bridesmaids (and Lily)

My three daughters, Natasha, Sian and Katie

The ushers, best man, bride and groom and the bridesmaids

Rob, Natasha and Noah (in his peaky blinder hat)

The Rolls Royce car in Tanworth in Arden

The decorations in the pub

Cutting the Cake

The Morgan family

Run Lily Run

The first dance

The first dance (continued)

What a party

Dancing the night away

My best night ever