Colwith Force, Little Langdale, August 2023

Our family holidays took place at Lowfield House in Little Langdale, the Lake District. I will cover several days out in the area and the first subject of my writing are my photographs of Colwith Force on the river Brathay. The waterfall is hidden in the woods behind the road leading to Little Langdale. There had been a lot of rain the night before and therefore the water was rushing down the river. In the morning, the family took a walk on the road side of the river and then in the afternoon, I crossed the road bridge to follow the woodland path where there were several good viewing points. Safety was the main issue and whilst these pictures look spectacular, I made sure that I was on firm ground and not putting myself or my camera into a dangerous position. These pictures are a mixture of long exposure with and without filters.

Colwith Force, Little Langdale, August 2023
Colwith Force waterfall after the heavy rain.
Colwith Force, Little Langdale, August 2023
The water flow slowed down by long exposure.

Settings with camera body Canon 5D Mark IV
Cover Picture – lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L, f/16, 2secs, ISO100
Picture 2 – lens EFLens EF 16-35mm, f/11, 20secs, ISO100 – Lees Little Stopper
Picture 3 – lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, f/11, 120secs, ISO100 – Lees Big Stopper


Links to the complete series of my blogs around our visit to Little Langdale in the Lake District in August 2023.

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Arrow Park Valley

There is no need to go to far away exotic places to enjoy your photography and I am always on the lookout for local places which lend themselves to a great picture. Arrow Valley Country Park is 20 minutes away by car and is situated close to Redditch town centre. In 1964, Redditch was designated a “new town” and has since kept the name. The town is often the butt of a Jasper Carrott joke about trying to escape the dreaded Redditch ring road. As it happens, you must leave the ring road to get to Arrow Valley Country Park.

Golden hour at Arrow Valley Country Park. The tarmac path does allow cycling around the Lake.
Taken with iPhone 13

I chose a winter’s afternoon to visit knowing from the Photographer’s Ephemeris that the sun lines up along the longest part of the lake at the end of January. When I arrived at the park, the sun was low, but an hour away from sunset so I started exploring around the lake. There is a concrete path that makes up a circular route around the lake. My first impressions were that this was detrimental to the natural layout, but I soon discovered paths leading into the adjacent woods. There was a lot more to this Country Park then I first thought.

Golden light in the woods surrounding the Park
Canon 5D IV – f/5, 1/125, ISO 250
A view over Arrow Valley Park Lake
iPhone 13
Direct shot into the sun with the rushes refracting the sunlight.
Canon 5D IV – f/4, 1/800, ISO 100

The sun was getting lower and my main reason for coming was the sunset. There is a dip around the arrow point at the head of the park. The path comes close to the water’s edge and here you can feed the resident wildlife.

A view from the tip of the Arrow Lake of the Wildlife. This was featured on BBC Weatherwatchers as a background.
iPhone 13

There were a few people gathered there so I had to make do with a point further up the path. This turned out to be a brilliant point of view, a place where the light took on a golden quality and lit up many of the trees and bushes. The heads of the rushes look like spotlights in the setting sun. For the main picture I used my wide angled lens on a tripod with a hard graduated LEE filter. This balanced the light perfectly as the sun touched the trees in the distance. I was not deliberately looking for the hyperfocal distance. However, my auto focus caught the edges of the framing trees and it tied in with the distance needed.

My picture of a wonderful evening of light
Canon 5D IV – f/11, 1/80, ISO 100

Enjoy the pictures of the park and the golden hour light.

Want to know more
Arrow Valley Country Park and all you want to know.
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