There are always people browsing your Flickr photographs and I was contacted by Dorling Kindersley, a London based publishing house.who are part of the Penguin Random House group.  They informed me that they are creating a presentation entitled, Flora.

To illustrate the text on Leaf Skeleton, they wished to use the below image from my Flickr collection:

I agreed that DK may use the image.  It is one image and I let it go forward for a PDF and an acknowledgement in the book.  I was flattered that they wished to use the image but I don’t get any financial award 🙁  By letting them use the picture then they have my consent to use this image in all editions in all forms of Flora (including digital products based on Flora) in all languages throughout the world.

I can take some comfort from the accompanying text they sent me.  DK is an award-winning global publisher of distinctive, highly visual products for adults and children. Founded in London in 1974, we are enormously proud to be the worlds leading illustrated reference publisher.  Therefore I may not get financial compensation but a lot of people will get to see the image and it may lead to more recognition.